Helping you find the right path

Adult Guidance Service helps people to make informed educational, career and life choices through a free,

 impartial and confidential service.

Adult Guidance Services

The Adult Educational Guidance and Information Service is an initiative funded by the Department of Education and Skills that provides a comprehensive, professional guidance and information service to the returning adult learner.

Who is the Service for?

The Adult Educational Guidance and Information Service is a FREE SERVICE open to adults who:

  • Are currently participating in Further Education and Training programmes in LOETB
  • Are considering returning to education or training
  • Left school early and would like to return to education
  • Are having difficulty in finding or keeping suitable employment due to the lack of appropriate educational qualifications
  • Have funding from the Education Finance Board

What does the Service offer?

  • Appointments on a one to one and group basis
  • Educational and career guidance
  • Free, confidential and ongoing support to the returning adult learner
  • Advice on steps to Further and Higher Education and Training
  • Up to date information on courses both locally and nationally
  • Assistance with application forms for Further Education and Third Level Institutions
  • Information on funding and grants


Enda McDonnell

Adult Educational Guidance & Information Service

057 9349425 |

Catherine Gavigan
Adult Education Guidance Co-ordinator
057 9349425 |

Geraldine Grennan
Adult Educational Guidance Counsellor
057 9349424 |

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